Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon (revision) wwpp= 1pt for 2 pieces

I thought this was the most appetizing picture of my wrapped green beans. I cut them with a knife right in the middle of the bacon and look how pretty.

I guess I should get on to telling you what a really easy and tasty way to make green beans. This is going to replace the green bean casserole this holiday.

Green Beans Wrapped in Bacon        (for wwpp= 2 bundles =1pt))

Ingredients: (with the 2 bags of beans and 1 package of bacon I got 26 bundles)

1-3 bags Long string green beans. ( I did these with fresh the first time and they were good. This time, the pictured above, I used frozen, and they did just wonderfully and they were easier to stack up and roll.)

1 package of bacon

2 tablespoons of splenda brown sugar (or brown sugar- be sure if you are ww- check the points)

soy sauce


1) Lay out a large cookie sheet with foil, spray with Pam.

2) Take package of Bacon and cut into thirds.
3) Lay out the  piece bacon, Lay in a bundle of green beans in the middle and roll up.

4) Lay seam side down on tray, they can lay a bit close, without touching, they did just fine.

5) After all bundles are down, sprinkle with soy sauce and sprinkle the brown sugar on each.. just a dab.

6) Bake at 375 for about 30-40 minutes, check they will be done when bacon is brown and carmely.

looked so good, that it even made the paper plate look good!

I actually hid a few for today, they were just so good. I guess anything wrapped in bacon is good. I like that actually cut the bacon in half and got a really great taste and a little less calories.

My son thinks this would be great with asparagus..hmmm..

The next time I will try turkey bacon. It actually in ww world only cuts about 1/4 point and not sure how it will deliver on taste, but I will let you know. Sometimes, even though we are trying to eat healthy, that we need a balance and a serving of bacon won't disrupt too much.. now the whole package, is another matter.

If you give this a shot, let me know how it turned out for you.

Today is a beautiful day.. get out there and make it yours.

I had to revise this to fit the third of a piece of bacon, it ended up making 42 bundles. They are soooo yummy and even better the next day. Mine were eating them cold.

I am reprinting this one to share for the holidays, it is definitely going to be on our table.


nikki said…
Am going to definitely try this... Thinking about trying it on the grill with the asparagus but no brownsugar
txtechmom09 said…
I am definitely going to try this one - I do low-carb and always looking for ways to spice up the veges. Looks delicious.
Pat G said…
I made this recipe yesterday for Easter with green beans and asparagus. The recipe is delicious BUT it takes too much time. I had to remove ham from oven and wait another 35 mins for veggies to cook. When I try this recipe again, i will parboil veggies and lightly fry bacon before to cut down on cooking time.
I'm gonna try this as well I think this will be a great way 2 get my kids 2 eat their green beans now. Thanks 4 the idea if u come up with anymore pls let me know or post it.
Saw Trisha Year wood do this with the asparagus..looked great!
ROBIN W. said…
Anonymous said…
I like bacon well cooked so I am going to microwave the green beans and pan fry the bacon until almost completely done then rolls the steamed greenbeans in the bacon while it is still pliant and put on baking sheet with a sprinkle of the brown sugar splenda and soy sauce on half and pop under the broiler, I am guessing a minute or 2 should be sufficient to finish crisping bacon and make a glaze. i will let you know how it turns out and how the plain wraps turned out too.
Anonymous said…
OK just made some, steaming in microwave and then letting cool while I made bacon was perfect. The bacon probably forms a more bonded wrap the original way. Next time I will NOT cut the bacon strips at all, I will wrap in a slight spiral instead. I liked them better without the brown sugar (splenda) and soy sauce.
Broil 1 minute max, even 30 seconds might be good if using the brown sugar. Otherwise I don't think you need to broil just pull out when 3/4 done, use a fork and tongs or 2 forks to wrap and then throw in micro wave for 30 seconds with a paper towel over top to catch splatter.
Anonymous said…
Look at 'center cut' bacon. As WW I find that you can usually have 2 for 1 of the regular bacon. More expensive but I'm worth it. signed JazzDiva
I found an easier way same taste, still same time,,just put green beans in a bowl, toss in bacon bits, soy and brownsugar toss and out into a casserole dish, 400 For an hour
Rob Melone said…
Substitute Worcestershire sauce for soy sauce...