Thin Pretzels - Great Value Walmart SNACK BAGGIN' IT

Decided it might be time to let you into my world a little more. I am a real foodie, but I seem to somewhat fall on the frugal side too. I have three children of my own and have been blessed to have taken care of many more. Snack time was always the best time. I also tried to keep that frugal so we could enjoy that variety. My husband takes his lunch, so he gets some choices too.

I just loved the snack bag size baggie. I was just so delighted when they came out. I snack bag just about everything we get. Keeps it into an individual size. Instead of paying those outrageous prices for the pre- bagged stuff.

I have decided to share one every week with you. You may find it fits your life style or not. You may just find me entertaining..or not..any way the coin falls, maybe I got your attention.

This week is the find from Walmart. Great Value Thin Pretzels. They were only 2.78 a bag for three pounds. Wow, and that was a nice find. I of course bought three bags.

I repacked one of the bags already. The nutritional list said it was 45 servings. I got 30 bags, cause I just wanted to use one of my big hands..that way I wouldn't count them out. So I would say makes my bags about 160. About equal to a bag of pre-packed chips.

As I bag them I put them into another container that I saved from before. Keeps them double fresh.

For this snack..
>baggies were 2.50 for 100 baggies.  I used 30 which is what ? .84 cents of bags.
>pretzels were 2.78 for 3lbs. I made 30 serving baggies at what? .12 a snack
> calories> around 160 est.

Now that is not a bad snack to bag!


With these pretzels you can also lay a layer of them on a sheet tray and drizzle melted choc all over them, let cool and you get a pretty affordable choc pretzel..sweet and salty.

We also dip them in honey mustard. Use them in chex mix.


So to all my friends and family... hope you enjoy this post and come on back.

Get out there and enjoy your day...make it yours!


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