Menu for Saturday, June 22 - Friday, June 28

I am now trying to make my life less hectic, save money and feed a family of five. With school out that leaves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I wanted to start posting what I have planned for my menu every week. I always find it helpful to see what everyone is eating.. That is the foodie in me.

This week:

cold: cereal, pop tarts, muffins
hot: egg mcmuffins, egg burritos, sausage and gravy biscuits, sausage biscuits, pancakes

cold: pbj sandwiches, home made lunchables
hot: soup and grilled cheese, mac and cheese and veggies, hot dogs and fries, sloppy joes and fries, chicken nuggets, fries and apples. pizza. cheese toast and tomato soup.

Popcorn, pretzels, chips, animal crackers w/ icing or peanut butter to dip, apples and cheese, pbj crackers, goldfish, and cookies, bananas, raisins and grapes

Those three categories are pretty much the same week to week, unless we get a craving for something.

The Dinner Menu

Friday - Hamburgers and Curly Fries

Saturday - Home-made Subways   (may switch to wings)

Sunday- Pork Roast/ Black Eyed Peas/ Jalapeno Cornbread/White Rice

Monday- Grilled Bacon Cheese / Tomato Soup 

Tuesday- BQ Chicken Thighs/ BQ Beans/ Rolls

Wednesday - Baked Ziti / Garlic Toast

Thursday- Egg Fo Young/ Egg Drop-wonton Soup/ Egg rolls/

Friday- Leftovers

For any night too lazy.. I have chef boyardee in the can..just waiting to get out.


I hope this week coming up is a great one for you. Appreciate all the people in your life every day...


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