"Pinned it" Did it.... Hotdogs and Spaghetti

This was one of those "Pinterest" things that I put under my "Gonna Try". Anyone is welcome to follow me on pinterest.

I tried to track down who actually thought this up and the only blogspot that might have originated from is may this one, http://mrsbunkybee.blogspot.com/. I always like to give credit where credit is due.,

I made this the day all my kids, who are now 13-17 years of age and no longer babies. They always like the octopus and elbow macaroni that we had when they were little. I will blog that one on my other blogspot it is a real good eat for kids.

The kids thought this was good too, took a bit of time to get it to cook the spaghetti, maybe we were just too hungry.

Hotdogs and Spaghetti (wish I could whip up a fancier name)


1 box of regular spaghetti (not angel hair, too thin)

1 package of hot dogs


1) Cut up the hot dog into fours.

2) Take 2 pieces of spaghetti and break in half. We found that this was much easier to handle than a big piece. Push all four pieces evenly into the hot dog.

3) Drop (all) into boiling water, until spaghetti is tender.

4) When tender dish up and enjoy.


We had fun doing this, and it tasted good. I will probably do this again. It was a really fun way to get kids to eat.

I think it is important to interact with the kids and in turn teach them how to cook. I like this because it teaches texture in food. The kids were all into how neat the noodle tasted and then the hard hot dog.

So as you read this, I will keep trying out new things and posting.

Have a great day...make it yours.


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