"Pinned it" - Did It Gutter Garden

So I feel in love with Pinterest. I actually like anything that takes something and up cycles it into something really amazing.

This is my old gutter, attached to my railing on my porch. I planted leaf lettuce at first, but the sun is too hot, so I replanted with banana peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, basil, radishes, onions, chives and some parsley.

They are growing quite well. I water every other day and it is just great. Will have to watch once it really gets warm.

So next time you have some gutter hanging out. Put in drain holes and hang on a rail, a fence or whatever. Plant and watch your crops grow.

My next project is to take two gutters and put on the bottom of my fence and fill with strawberries. I am just waiting for my husband to replace them on the new roof.

Well I just wanted to pop in and share..

Have a great weekend and be happy. Do something just for yourself..have a great one..


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