Dipping Veggie Chips and Fresh Salsa ( Snack FInd of the Week)

Found these chips at my local SAM's Club. They were sampling them there. I am glad I stopped. They were very good.

Here are the nutritional stat's ...

and the ingredient list..

In weight watcher points plus  those 17 chips is equal to 4 points.

With this I also picked up there fresh salsa

ingredient, nutritional

In the weight watcher points plus program this is equal to 0 points for 2tbs.
1/2 cup is 8tbs. So roughly I would guess at least a point for a 1/2 cup. It also was very good and very fresh tasting.

It tasted as fresh as it looks. This is also on my grocery list.

Made for a great snack. My over all calorie was 156 calories for a filling snack.

I loved it even before the calorie add up. It was a really great chip and this is now on our grocery list.

So for this weeks great snack find....

Have a wonderful time, if you ever try what I post, let me know what you think....

Until we meet again... make this day yours...


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