Oscar Myer Jalapeno Weiners.......New Item ...Tried and Liked Them

Wow, this summer has been flying since day 1 of summer break. I really haven't had two minutes to even take a nap. I go from one thing on to another.

We have been enjoying our pool and our time together. August 1st everyone goes back to school. Then I can leisurely write, swim and nap.

I have been trying to stay on a low carb end of food, just to drop some of this pesky weight.
I found these..at Walmart..a 1.50 not a bad deal. Oscar Mayer Jalapeno Dogs.
I thought they were very good. Much better if you saute them or grill them up. They had a nice little hot zippy punch to them.
I will probably buy them again. I really don't eat too many of these, usually a treat meal.

I just wanted to quickly share with you.. and let you know that I am still around...
Will see you more in the fall.

Love until I come back..


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