The Low Carb Pizza Crust Recipes...Head to Head...

Pizza One
Pizza Two

 There are two different low carb recipes that I found on the internet. There are some more using flours of different types, but I chose the two that use cheese and eggs as the crust.

The first one is made of 3 cheese's and mixed with an egg. This is actually I think the simplest and I have now used it three different times. I am guessing you know which one I like.

The second uses cream cheese and egg. What a whole different texture. It really wasn't so bad either. My husband liked them both.

They both were brown, both held toppings and both had to cool down a bit.

The first one, actually got better as it cooled, also was a great leftover. A bit like a cheese stick with toppings.

I will blog my favorite next and you will have to give it a try..


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