My Kitchen Tip Baggy Salads

I will first state, I hate plastic containers. I have a million, always missing a lid, never the right size. I like them to be stack able to fit in my refrigerator. I feed a family of 5 and if I keep everything rotated, then I have very little waste and it in turns saves me money.

I basically cook everything, sometimes I will buy a pre-made if I need a quick potato salad.

My husband takes his lunch every day. I make usually a sandwich and if there are any salads left I try to find that right sized container to fit in that lunch box.

This week I decided to try a new thing. You will need a 16oz cup, sandwich baggies, (I used quart for my husband because he wanted more) and your salad.

Insert one baggie into the cup and pull over the sides.
Fill with your favorite salad, potato, coleslaw or what you have on hand.
Seal the baggie and pull out of the cup.
little larger portion for the husband..
This also made more space in the refrigerator, I just stored about 6 of them in a container.

Now when my husband takes his lunch, he puts a red cup and a fork in his lunch bag, and takes a bag of salad. Slips it back into the cup and peels back the bag. There you go a great salad and when you are finished throw the bag away and put the cup up for another day.

I am going to try to do a regular lettuce salad in them and use smaller snack baggies for the toppings. I will let you know how it goes.

I wanted to share our new idea for lunch. Things cost a lot and waste is not an option.
If you ever have a great idea, feel free to drop me a comment and I will certainly share.


I guess I just dream up stuff all the time to share with everyone. I am a wealth of information of all the little stuff.

My blog has been a place which gets my mind going with all the things I want to share.

I hope you enjoy ...

Have a great day...get out there and make it yours!


Michelle said…
What a great idea! This would work great for my lunches, especially since I'm on the road all the time seeing patients. Thanks!

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