Favorite Dinner of the Week Chicken Thighs on the grill with veggies and curry seasoning 7/19/2013

Grilled Boneless, Skinless Thighs with Curry seasoning and Dales

Grilled mushroom, onions and peppers, curry and dales

My all time favorite was this week. I love having two electric grills, I position one on top of the stove (my husband made me a plexi - glass shelf that sits over top of the stove) and when I am not using the burners on the stove, I can put my crock pot or grill on it, saves me lots of room.

Tonight we had grilled veggies, combination, mushrooms, onions and pepper. Any kind can do. My kids love asparagus when it is in season.

(*veggie tip> any leftovers, save and puree down and make my meatloaf recipe)

For the veggies, just cut up bite size or a bit bigger and place on grill, sprinkle with seasonings you like.

I am in love with Dales Seasoning and this Curry Seasoning I found. I think it just gives it a great flavor.

there you go

I run the two grills until everything was finished. I also made just some easy minute rice to go with it.
(* tip for the rice- always make extra and a little later down the week you can make fried rice and those baked egg rolls, for that Chinese kinda meal)

I made that much chicken and for a family of five, I had enough leftover for veggies for meatloaf, fried rice and it made 3 single servings of the same meal for leftovers, not too bad.

And if you really been a good kid, at my house, a waffle with vanilla ice cream. mmmm

My friend handed me down a Belgian waffle maker, you know the real kind that has a handle and flips over. With it she gave me a box of Belgian waffle mix. It tastes like an ice cream cone.

I took all the made waffles, (after everyone taste tested them) split up the parts of the waffles, and put a scoop of ice cream and smooched.. Everyone got one. I even put up about 6 in the freezer.

Here's a pic of my littlest enjoying his waffle.

I posted the silly one, cause he made me laugh...I wanted to share that face.....


The weekend is on its way, hoping for not such a wet one. If it is, then we will be all stuck in the house together, and there is no hope for a clean kitchen.

My daughter got a new kitchen aide mixer for her birthday and she is getting real creative. Will try to share soon. Everything she has made has been from scratch, and saves incredible amount of money. We love pizza and used to buy it in the pillsbury case, now she makes it for pennies. The cakes are fluffy and even better than the store. We have even tried to grind our own chicken patties, and they were yummy.

So maybe this weekend will yield a new recipe or a new memory.

My friends, get out there and make the day yours, create, dream and enjoy. 


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