Food FInd PopTarts Gone Nutty

What more can I say but Peanut butter and Chocolate. The two best combinations I know. I am usually do not even touch the pop tarts, I leave them to the kids too many calories and sugar for me. As I walking the isles of our neighborhood Wally World these little buggers jumped right off the shelf at me.. naw, but it is the story I am sticking with.

They are even wrapped in a gold wrapper, gold for for yummy..wish they were packed in ones, cause two means two at one time right. You don't want these babies getting stale.

These did however make a nice treat this weekend, well until the kids found them and they were gone. They were 50 cents more than the regular ones. I wanted to share with you that they were good, for a treat.

If you give them a try, and you like them...hide them..

Have a great day, get out there and make it yours...


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