Another "Snack Baggin' It" Idea...

I buy a big jar of whole dills at the store and I put one in each snack baggie and put a container to hold them in the fridge. When my husband makes his lunch he pulls one out and puts in his lunch bag. I know you say they make them pre-packaged, but this is really less expensive and works just fine. I only bag about 10 at a time.

Pickles are also really low in calories and studies are done that they can stop cravings. I find a good cold dill pickle very tasty. With kids this also keeps the dirty hands out of my pickle jar. Keeps the juice from being all over my refrigerator too.

Every week I am going to try to share my super snack bag ideas. You may find they make your day a little easier..

Well I am off to finish my Fourth of July. I hate that there was a work day in between the Fourth and the weekend.

Be sure to have a safe and fun weekend.

From the Lynch family to yours...HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY>>....

Make it yours, make some great memories...


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