Jiffy Cornbread Made into Waffles -- A Nice Way to Have Cornbread Without Turning on the Oven.

Summer time cooking. We all know how hot that kitchen can get. Time for grills, crock pots and other ways of cooking our favorites.

Last night we were really hungry for cornbread. I love Jiff Cornbread. I got about 4 waffles out of each mix. Then you break them down into sections, I got 16 servings. These also were good the next day, I re-heated mine in a toaster oven and they were just as fresh as when I made them.

Jiffy Cornbread Made in the Waffle Maker


Jiff Cornbread Mix (make as per package)

(You can make your own cornbread mix, which is probably what I will do next time, would cost a bit less)

Pam Spray


1) Spray the waffle maker, each time.

2) Load in mix (I pour from the middle then spread out with a knife)

3) I let the green light come on twice. It makes them more crispier.

Then enjoy...


We had them with pork roast and baked potatoes. I bet they would be killer with fried chicken strips on top and a little syrup....waffles and chicken...

I have also put these in bowls and cover with chili and cheese. Another yummy way.

I hope you like this idea, kept my kitchen cool and was a treat to our meal.
I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. We have had rain forever, and ever it seems.

I wanted to share this way to make cornbread with you right away.

So all of you, get out there and make it yours.. a little jalepeno, a little onion,...mmmm cornbread...yummy


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