Kitchen Tip ----------- recycle those water bottles with the squirt lids into dispensers

This is my spagetti one (works only with a non-chunkie sauce)

This is my BQ sauce one (be sure to label)
Thought I would share one of my cool, tips for my kitchen. It really works to keep the mess down and with kids it is just a squirt away.

One of my all time favorite recycle is my water bottles, it has to be one with a squirt top.
When I open my spaghetti sauce (non-chunk) I but what is left in a squirt bottle. At that point, I can squirt it on pasta, or even a small pizza, less mess and I keep from wasting it.

I also use recyclable water bottles to store my tomato juice. I use tomato juice as the base for soups or chili and when I open a bigger can (because they cost less) I don't want to waste, so I fill them 3/4 full and slip into the freezer until I need them


Today in Georgia I am hoping we don't get a rain shower, we have had rain since the 4th of July. I guess it is going to be a wet summer.
I had to transplant my container tomatoes into the ground. I am finding out, that no matter what container you plant in, the fruit is only that size. My peppers are doing great in the gutter garden on the side of my deck.
I am in need of a way to keep my sweet banana peppers, If anyone has a suggestions holler my way.

Well gotta get are yelling...until I get a moment...

Get out there and make the day yours...


Mad Hen said…
Great idea. I used the larger 2.5 gallon water bottles as mini greenhouses and start seeds in them. :)

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