Menu Monday July 8-14th

I take an inventory of my freezer and my cabinets, periodically to purchase things to go along with what I have already. Keeps me from wasting and not using up what we have.

For this week:  Food Saving Ideas
>I will boil eggs (we have a few too many ) and make some egg salad.
>I am also going to make the mixture that goes inside my baked eggs rolls. (my coleslaw is getting ready to go)
>I also pulled out a frozen pork roast. With this I will make three or so meals. I will cut off about 4 inches and save to make pork fried rice to go with the egg rolls. Then I will do a pork roast. With the rest I think I will put in a crock pot and make shredded pork tacos.

My groceries this week will include a good amount of veggies.
>brocolli and cauliflower > thinking about making that cold salad again.
>green peppers, onion, mushroom, cherry tomatoes, zucchini > going to do a veggie roasting. I will use them the first night as a side dish with the pork roast and the rest will be either a stromboli on Saturday or pureed into a meatloaf.

My Menu for this week.

Monday: Cajun Sausage with onions and black beans / served on rice / grilled chicken for the kids.
(* Tip I make double the rice so I can use it in a fried rice later in the week)

Tuesday: Baked Ziti / Grilled Romaine Lettuce Salad

Wednesday: Pork Roast / Baked Potatoe/ Roasted Vegetables

Thursday: Soup and Sandwiches (Egg Salad)

Friday: Pork Fried Rice and Baked Eggrolls.

Saturday: Homemade Pizza / Veggie Stromboli

Sunday: Turkey Burgers / Fries


I am hoping everyone had a great Fourth of July Weekend. It was a very wet one here in GA.
We did however have a good time. Just alot of movies and great food.

Now it is a new week, ready to get out there and get it going...make it yours.. please take time for yourself too.

Until later....


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