Baby Bird leaving the nest...

I guess I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about one of my kids, that I have watched grow over the years. He will start real school, (Kindergarten) on Thursday.
I guess you can say I become attached, I mean I invest my heart and soul into each child. I nurture them, teach them, and just lead them to ... the end of the nest. And during the last few months, I prepare them for what is ahead and letting go. I tell them how wonderful, how many friends, and how fun stuff they will get to do. Inside...weeeee... my heart just aches. I am getting the wings cleaned off and ready to fly, without feeling as if they are trading me for those wings..just stretching. On Friday, I will push another one out of the nest. And he is going to fly. I do love when the holidays come, cause they all come back. I always said if the only thing they take from me, is the memories of being kind and loving then I did my job well.
So to my baby bird... goodluck, good travels and a good wind...
See you when the holidays come.
I have been so blessed to stay home and get them during the holidays, times are getting tough money wise and I can only pray that God will send me some more baby birds, so that I can still get to see all my other birds come in for a visit. Hopefully the wind blows in a few more birdies my

Well just wanted to post, I guess, maybe just saying goodbye in the old Ms. Louise way!
It is never goodbye, just see you later, and save all the good stuff you do in school that way we can have great ideas for cool stuff to make.. I never stop!


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