Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hey everyone, decided to blog a bit today, just to keep in the groove!

Haven’t been up to much this week. This is the second week of school. I feel as if I should have taken out a bank loan. This week alone I paid,
$20.00 lunch for my daughter
$20.00 lunch for my son
$25.00 parking pass for daughter
$25.00 For key club membership for daughter
$65.00 for a Senior Yearbook
$15.00 for Science Club membership for son
$ 170.00 wow, and that was only the first two weeks of school. Hopefully that will be it for a bit.

I am only watching a few kids and the income is low. But I still have to do what I got to do, so I can stay home with my children. Sometimes, I think people think that I do it to make money. But money is the least of the reasons. The number one reason, is so that it makes it possible for me, to be a complete mother. I am not putting down anyone who works, it just doesn’t work for me. I base my values on what I was taught and I reasoned with my thoughts and heart. I believe everyone has to do what they have to do, to make a nice laugh. More power, never judge.
I have been so blessed to be here when my kids come home. And even the kids that come to my house, I have been blessed to be a part of something wonderful. I always say, even if they can’t remember my name, or my face, maybe just at a brief moment they will always remember the love and teachings I left with them.

Cooking in my kitchen

This weeks menu was:

BQ pork in crock pot w/baked potatoes, onions and ranch
Chicken Soup / brown bread and honey butter.(got that cool brown loaves, like at the outback)
Grilled Chicken Salad / with warm bacon bits and ranch
Hamburger Helper ( my kids asked for it, Guess I cook too many weird stuff)
Fridays, we had ordered wings. (Again I should have made them, mine I think are so much better)

My Diet Progress

Blah....didn’t have the energy this week. I gotta find a medium. I guess I am in transition. Haven’t gained any weight or lost. So I guess that is okay too. I don’t know sometimes, you feel as if you just try so hard and you just get tired of trying. Maybe it is just a mood. Hopefully I will have something positive to say next week.. All I can say this week is never stop trying. Pick yourself up and get going...

Well gotta roll out of here.. take care and keep in ya all


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