Individual Rice Cups

I did it again...well I think I did. I recently went to the store and paid $1.97 for two ready, to micro rice cups. I know lazy prevails. I like them cause they are portioned and quick. But I really got to thinking about it and you know what....

I came up with this:

Your Own Fast Rice

½ cup of instant rice ( I used Minute Rice, but I bet you could get a better price on generic)
½ (or less depending on your taste) teaspoon of chicken boulion seasoning
(or you can use beef)

*At this stage you could put it in baggies ( I squeezed air out, and made about 5 and put them in the cupboard in a square bowl, just handy for them to find, I printed the instructions on a index card and taped it inside the cupboard above the micro) and leave for the kids to finish.

To finish:
½ cup of water ( little shy if you don’t like it a bit wet)
2 cup container
take your 2 cup container
put in rice mixture
and 3 minutes
let sit a few minutes to cool..

I just looked on the large box of minute rice and it said 20 (½ cup) dry servings.
Which equals a 1 cup serving of 200 calories. When I tested this it was a bit shy of one cup.
But they were wanting $1.97 for those two tiny cups of minute rice at the store. So I think I still make out better.
I am going to make up some baggies and will let you know how many I get out of it versus the price.

Just wanted to share with those who are portioned those trying to save a dime here or there. It is all we can do in this day and age..

If you try it let me know..

You know if you know how to dehydrate you could do a batch of diced carrots, onion, peas and add them also, just adjusting the water a bit.

The next thing I am going to figure out is the mac and cheese in a bowl. My kids love that that quick convience...

Will get back when I figure that one out.
Till later...take care...


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