I really need to rant and rave today.
Today was the first day of school. My son started his first day at the middle school here in GA. He was so nervous all weekend, worried he would get lost, not be able to find where to eat lunch, etc...
This morning he gets up all dressed and ready to go. He goes out side at 7:30 and waits for the bus with his friend down the street. The bus was scheduled for 7:50 so they were even early sitting there waiting. A bus came at 8 and it was the highschool bus, and nothing else until 8:25 which the bus (267) went speeding by, so quick you couldn't see the number until is was past you. We were so sure that they were bus 267. So I called the bus barn, and was put on hold, meanwhile I have two boys, going to a new school, that school started at 8:30. So of course I had already called the school twice and make sure they would get directions and have time, to get their stuff, cause the bus was late. So calling the bus barn again and being put on hold and then transfered to a msg machine that was full. At 8:50 a bus #268 pulls up and asks them if they are going to the middle school and they get on. I again call the school and confirm they are coming.
Meanwhile the bus barn calls me back to tell me that they should have been on bus#222. I was just stunned, because there was no 222 to come by, she then tells me that is must have been late.. well I saw another bus(couldnt see the number at 9:15) could have that been it. I told her that it was supposed to be there between 7:50 and 8 and she told me they were estimated times. And they were all running late... late....late... what so it would have been an hour and a half. Oh my goodness, I am soooooo sick.
So I again call the school to tell them that the kids needed to know that the bus # was 222 so that could atleast get home. Meanwhile on the other line, the mother of the other child, just said, forget it, I will go today at 3 and bring them home. And they can start out fresh tomorrow. So I have to call the school back to tell them mine is a car rider and could he call me... Simple right.. no... they said no, but they would give him a msg. to be a car rider....oh my... They talked to me like I was simple minded and crazy and that these kids (11 yo) were complete adults.
What is this world coming too... So of course I have let my imagination go nuts and think...well 268 picked them up, what if it was some crazy stealing kids...oh.... And of course can't call the stupid school again.. It may trouble them too much to make sure they have my child..
It is 2 now and only an hour more and they will be home...
Thanks for letting me rant...
I know that it all went well, but geezzzzz can't someone in this world just be human enough to help.
Catch you later.. gotta have a diet coke....
better days tomorrow..


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