Back To School Time

Well here in GA our county started back to school.. Now you know it is hotter...than....he---.
But they insist to start them earlier and earlier. Still don't know why, something about not remembering what they learned from one year to the next.. Hey isn't that what summer was all about.. Forgetting, letting go, enjoying, and being young at heart? It is a shame that they will all become such work alcholics at such a young age!!! No wonder we grow old and depressed..

But enough of my thoughts on that one.

My son started middle school. It seems not to be too bad. This year all the 6 graders live in the village..(the trailers, geeeeee and we live in an area where there are tornadoes.. could we be any safer....) But anyway, there won't be any lockers.. yes, you got it they got to carry around their bookbag all day long. My son also has to have a 1" binder for each of his 6 classes and has to carry his gym clothes also, because there were not any more lockers available.

For the science and the social studies there are books for the classroom and cd to take home for the kids to do homework. Now I am not a rocket scientist, but what happens if someone doesn' t have a computer. You know not everyone can be blessed with one, or even the money to have one. I again am shocked with the if you don't have it attitude, then you better get one.. Gee, sell your kids, or trade for

In short, he maybe likes it, but more so not. So really what is new. Still have to tell him to brush his teeth, put your underwear on right, don't eat like an animal and stand up straight. He hates me the majority of the time, but so did she. They do outgrow it. You just have to remember to forget what is said and stay the mom.. It is a dirty job, but someone has to be the mom.

My daughter is now on the top of the food chain......... She is a SENIOR. Oh my, and she knows it too. Naw, she is just too funny. I tell her to enjoy it as long as it lasts cause it goes soooooo fast.

Cooking in my Kitchen

This week made a new thing in my sandwich maker.. just love that little thing... it gets so hot here in GA that sometimes even the oven with AC makes it feel so sticky.
I took refrigerator biscuits (10) and two cheese sticks. Cut the cheese sticks in 5 pieces and place them in the biscuit, shaping like a calazone (half moon) be sure to spray the wells of the maker so they don't stick. Place them in and cook till brown. The kids dipped them in spagetti sauce. It made the cheese just gooey enough but not yucky.
If you give it a try let me know how it went.

My Diet and Exercise

Got back on my bike yesterday and was soooo disappointed, it killed me.. But today, I got on with out a hitch.. did the 5 miles and was happy with myself. I say this now, but probably in the morning I will be hurting.. but I couldn't stop biking.... Living La Vida Loca was on my MP3 playing and I was speeding...

Well gotta go..
Keep in touch and enjoy life always.


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