Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hey, Everyone!...
I hope everyone is having a nice summer. All the kids here in GA are back in school. Beats me why? but it is that way around here. My son is finally adjusting to middle school, PE and dressing out has seem to be the only yucky thing Go figure he loves running around here half dressed.
Being a senior is a good thing..right? I have already heard the speech about I should go where I want, when I want and take the car every where. I made the mistake as to say, "my car" and she answered then we need to buy her one.. Oh my I think I fell on the floor lauging.. So adult of me! If you know me then you know that conversation went into the garbage and we all went to our prospective corners.
My daycaring days are slowing down and I have a few afterschoolers and two during the day on Monday afternoons and Thursday and Friday. And you know what that is just plenty. You know sometimes I feel that If I try to do too much, or get to where I want too much, it just defeats the purpose. I love kids and I have tons of patience. I think they may be one of my "God Given Talents". That and knowing a little about everything. Now I am going to have 3 free mornings. I feel really motivated and charged about this.
Maybe I can get to writing again. I am thinking of new blogs. New recipes, and articles I can write and try to get published. Gosh maybe I can sleep in a bit without anyone saying. "Mom" But anyway it goes, I am going to use this time wisely. Feel also like cleaning and throwing out stuff....oooooohhhhhh No!
Well I am going to get busy, busy, busy..

Just talking to you...

You know I have really cut my food budget with making menus. I keep a diary (date book) of all that I need to do, what I eat, groceries, and menus. More like a book about each of my days.

The menu for this week is

Monday ~ Left over Chinese, and take out KFC.
Tuesday ~ Chili and grilled cheese
Wednesday ~ Pork Chops and buttered pasta
Thursday ~ Hot Dogs and fries
Friday ~ ????? The Daddy, son and daughter are running around after school. So not too sure
Saturday ~ Sunday ~ Monday~ cook out hamburgers, hotdogs, potatoe salad, and tuna salad.

My Dieting tips and progress:

My tip that I seem to like the best is my date book. I picked a book with about 7 lines for each day. I draw a corner box, by the day, and put the exercise I want to accomplish that day. Another box with my bloodsugar # and then I list what I eat ( I write real small) talling the calories.
Under that I put an asterick and list what I have to remember for the day.
When I use this method, I can keep track of what I am doing.
I believe whole heartly that dieting is portions and calories. It is a balance. So I write it so I can see the balance.
On the Saturday, section I put a grocery list and on Sunday I put a list of menus. I work on this all week.
Now that I have probably confused you.. I think i confused myself.. Well if you take anything from this silly me thing.. Keep track of what you are putting in your mouth and what exercise you are doing.
My riding the bike really killed me on Monday, but by Friday, I was getting back in the groove. So if you have fallen off the exercise wagon.. Just get back on, start small, but start..

Well now that I have emptied all my wisdom on to

Everyone have a nice Labor Day.. Best Wishes from my family to yours..


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