Leftovers Re-Done Boxed Mashed Potatoes #Faux Pierogies

Re-do, Re-make, Re-state, Re-structure, Re-enliven, Re-Heat- and Eat.
No matter how you state a leftover is a leftover. My children are not leftover eaters, so I do not use that word.

This week I had boxed mashed potatoes as a quickie side to our chicken. I made two boxes thinking...hmmm need those carbs, well those carbs are a far cry from homemade ...real potatoes, but they were, just okay. I put up a leftover Chinese quart soup container full.

This morning I was wondering what I could do with this wonderful leftover. Although they weren't real yummy at the time, we must remember they are 1.50 a box and use 2 cups of milk. That is alot to just throw away.
I took mine, and made a Faux Pierogies.

Faux Pierogies


1 quart of leftover mashed potatoes (real or box)

1 package of the wonton wrappers in the store

1/4 cup of sour cream

1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

1/2 small minced onion

1tsp of minced garlic

salt and pepper to taste

small bowl of water to dip fingers in to seal the wonton

olive oil


1) Mix all the ingredients together.

2) Fix a tray to lay the wontons on after you fill.

3) Fill wontons with 1tsp of filling.

4)Take water and run down the top sides of wonton and bring together and press sides.

5) Do them all (package said 51) and then get ready to cook them.

*Flash freeze them for another time. Which means lay them on a sheet pan not touching, and freeze. When frozen take them off and lay in a bag, they won't stick. Then they are ready when you are. I would cook them right in olive oil, without thawing.

* Keep in fridge in a covered container, not touching much. For when you are ready.

6) Cook them up. We prefer just a little olive or coconut oil in a pan and saute them until they are brown. You can also do them in butter, but I found the butter, yummy, but not too much of a different taste. I bet if I had made a butter sauce. Your preference.

 Be careful when you eat them at first, the filling is hot, you minced everything and the potatoes are not dense so just the little sauteing you do makes them hot.
I have to actually portion these out among my family of five. They will gobble these up like they were candy.

#I want to Share with you other ideas for this mixture. I will post a recipe and picture when I do them again.

* The mixture itself could be put into a casserole dish and sprinkled with more cheddar and real bacon bits.
* I have leftover mixture, which I am going to put on a pizza crust with cheddar and bacon bits.

Now time for lunch.


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