Leftovers Re-Done #Salmon Fried Rice

I know that everyone loves rice, we around here like it anyway it comes. When I make a batch for dinner I can usually double it and use it somewhere else during the week, and if not you can freeze it in batches also. Although I must confess ours never makes it until then.

This week we ordered chinese and with every entree you got the choice of fried or white. I took the fried because it already was seasoned and had peas and carrots and little onion in it.  If you don't have that don't worry about that I will show you how to fix it up just right.

Salmon Fried Rice


1 can of salmon (hold the juice in the can)

1 quart of leftover rice

1/2 cup of peas and carrots frozen (I add these even if it is the fried rice, I figure more veggies for the family)

1/2 diced onion

1tsp of minced garlic

1 juice of a lemon (or 3tsp of lemon juice)

A little olive oil


1) In a large size pan, saute your garlic, onion, peas, and carrots for just  second or two.

2) Drain your salmon (putting juice to the side), and drop into your pan and start to break up like ground beef.
*I take out the cartilage thingy, because the kids all gripe. You can just smoosh it and it denigrates into the salmon.

3) Saute everyone, until your salmon starts to brown and get little crunchies (I just leave on med heat and flip and break up the crunchies.)
can you see those little brown crunchies..mmmmm

4) Put in the rice, break it up and mix, stir in 1/2 juice from the can and the lemon juice. The juice from the can gives the rice enough moisture to come back from being refrigerated. Salt and Pepper.

5) Toss until everything is coated and warm.

I prefer to serve this with just lemon juice, soy seemed to overpower the salmon taste. Please also salt and pepper to taste.

I am really enjoying sharing all my re-made from leftovers. In doing this I share with you the thought of maybe, I can re-do than throw away. Maybe save a little money. Maybe not eat out as much.
Thanks for taking the time to enjoy my blog.

Remember to always take time for you and your family. Life is to be simple.


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