Leftovers Re-Done #Mini Little Cheese Pizza

We all love tacos, wraps and I am sure we are all guilty of always having a few left and then go back to the store and buy all new ones. I like them fresh too for the tacos..
I always have a few hanging out in my bread drawer. So I started to use them. They make great thin crust for a quick pizza. Today, I decided to make them mini. So that the kids could carry and eat. Also so that they could just heat up a few later.

I started out on the "trying to be neat side" the cute little circles.

 They enjoyed them a little bit too much and so I just took my scissors and cut it all up into squares and what was left were triangles. 

Either way you write it, they worked and I even got to store up a batch. I am sure not for long the oldest son, hits the door from school in a few hours.
Let cool and then layer in a container. Separate each layer with a paper towel, wax paper, foil.

Mini Cheese Pizza


1 cup of spaghetti sauce (great way to use that little extra from the fridge, and if you don't think you would get to it before it spoiled, I put mine in a little plastic water bottle and freeze)

1/2 cup of mozzarella and cheddar shredded cheese

6 large tortillas (or what you have laying around.


1) Spray that sheet so it doesn't stick.

2) Build just like a pizza.. just try to keep stuff on each one.. so they don't stick together.

Pop in 400 I would say only about 10 minutes.. Watch so they don't burn.
Remove and let cool. So little hands and mouth don't get burned.

 Ready for my favorite critic... The Paddy Boy.....
He says yummy and proceeds to try to eat them all, so the brother has none..

SO ...now you know you don't have to throw much away, when you are around me.. holler if you get stuck.


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