Leftovers Re-Done #Chicken Pot Pie

Now lets talk about chicken. When I do chicken, we always seem to have at least a serving leftover. When we do Rotisserie chicken, I make it a point to pick it clean. Then I put the rest, bones and all in the crock pot with water, onion, carrots, garlic and let simmer all day, strain and get a wonderful homemade chicken broth. At that point you can freeze it also, I keep all my quart Chinese soup containers for that.  The extra meat either becomes a soup that day or I put it in a baggie and freeze. It will freeze for at least 3 months. Mine as usual never lasts that long.

There are other ways to start this remake. You can all month long, put up the little leftovers of veggies you make for meals. You know, that last teaspoon of corn, green beans, or that onion that is about ready to go south. Get a quart container and put in there and freeze, and add as you go. When you are ready you either have the base veggies for a soup, stew, or maybe that chicken pot pie.

Chicken pot pie is a combination of chicken, veggies and a medium thick gravy like sauce all served in a pie crust, or biscuits on top, or even a naked chicken pot pie in the crock pot then served onto a biscuit. This is one of those really easy remake a leftover. You can also do it with steak, ground beef, roast or turkey.

Today is what I remade from my refrigerator.

Chicken Pot Pie

1 quart baggie of leftover chicken (chunk into bite size)

1 small onion (chunk into bite size also)

5 small red potatoes (leftover from dinner, chunked into bite size)

1 bag of mixed veggies

2 cans of cream of chicken soup  (if you don't have this or don't like cream soups. You can start a bit of butter in a pan with flour (roux) and then add milk until the thickness you like)

1 and 1/2 cup of milk.

1 Package of Pie Crusts. (Next time I am going to buy the bottom crust in the metal dish, and a box of pie crusts. That way we get a lot of bottom crust, and it will make 2. I feed a family of 6. You could do this and put the other in the freezer for another time) 


1) Combine everything in a bowl, salt and pepper liberally.

2) In a lasagna pan (our size - you can use a pie pan) Lay the first crust down. Bake this at 350 for just alittle bit, so that the pie wont be soggying it.)
*I also lay parchment paper down in mine, so I have less to wash and easier to come out.
this is a round piece of pie crust, I cut a little here and there to make it fit

3) When bottom is a bit baked, pour in mixture and put on top piece of crust. Poke a few holes for steam to release.
Then put on the top. Here also I kinda cut a little here and there so it would fit.

4) Bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, check to see if brown the way you like it.

Let cool for a little bit and serve. Usually we have green beans as a side with this.
Tonight I am making my easier version of bacon wrapped green beans. I will get a picture of that tonight and post tomorrow.. a way to quickly make and get the same taste, maybe even better.

Chicken Pot Pie is one of the ultimate comfort foods.
Remaking and Re-Done is getting to be fun. Actually I haven't started a fresh meal this week so far. I have been using what I have.
So either way it is a win-win situation. Maybe that will save me enough for an Easter Cake...


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