Pantry Find... Flatout Spicy Italian Mushroom, Spinach Pizza

 Flatout Spicy Italian

Wow, I am a big fan of the flatout brand.. This one is the bomb. They have spiced this with a little red pepper flake. Actually when I use it to make a pizza, I really don't use much seasoning. I love the little pop of spicy, spicy.
They actually make all kinds, so if you don't like spicy, you can find one you like.
When this is baked it becomes nice and crispy.
They are 12" x 6" perfect for a single portion. 
I have also made my own crackers out of these, because of the nice calorie amounts.

Today with this I made a Pizza of sorts

I put on this just a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese, spinach, mushrooms and a another light mozzarella sprinkle on top.. and a light dash of sea salt.

This came to a total of 297 calories, and was very filling.

Just wanted to hit my blog up and share with the world what I have been finding out there. Always looking for something good to eat.

Keep it simple..and it will be great.

Catch everyone in a bit.. I am kinda chair bound, because of hip issues, so I am perusing the cooking sites..
Prepare yourself...


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