Leftovers Re-Done #Hash and Eggs

Root, root, root.. I actually have a leftover shelf, so they are so much easier to locate to the human eye. Leaving that said, they human eye is the family, they only see what is leftover.. The powerful eye of the Mom, or the cook see's what could be carried over. Which leaves us not wasting much and enjoying it all.

My leftover remake today, a creative little hash. I had this probably 4" by 2" piece of corn beef left from St Paddy's Day. I had about two handfuls of sweet potato fries, a container of black beans and jalapenos....and I created this..

Sweet Potato Corn beef Hash.


3oz of corn beef (enough to cut itty bitty and share the flavor through the hash.

3 Handfuls of leftover baked in the oven fries. (I had those great sweet potato ones)(cut up into bit size chunks)

1/2 cup of jalapeno black beans ( I thought what the heck, they are good in Mexican rancheros)

1/2 cup of left over gravy from the dinner before. (This made it moist)

1/2 small diced onion.


1)  Take all your ingredients and mix together and warm up in a pan.

2) Fry up two eggs per person, how they like them. We like them sunny side and runny, I think it just adds a richness to the hash as you eat it.

This was a good meal, filled you up, and saved all the leftovers into a new dish. I am so happy to find a way to use up those last bits of fries we always have left over.

I will seem to remember this one, it used up what was left and it did make a great base for those runny eggs.

I love showing you how I can re-make something into a totally new meal. Be prepared, I have alot of down time now, and my creative juices are flowing.

Going to try a new kinda pizza flat with the "ole" tortilla. Will get back with you if it works..


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