Amped up Eggs on Toast wwpp= 5 per one toast 9 for both

I know the title left you wondering about the points. Well let me explain, I am going to explain how to make it for 1 person. I actually made this for 4 people. Only two of us needed to know the points, for the others it was just a healthy way to eat breakfast. I also made this 5 points for one Egg on Toast. I actually had 2 because I was hungry and 9 points to get my engine going in the morning wasn't too bad. We had a big day ahead and it keep us full for awhile (well until lunch, because since I have been doing WW I am on an imaginary schedule).

Amped up Eggs on Toast    wwpp=5 pts for one egg toast or 9 for two egg toasts
    (this is a recipe for one person eating two egg toasts... for more servings just x's it.)


1 cup of spinach (fresh, leaves, leave whole)

1 tsp of olive oil ( I had some infused with garlic, yummy)

dash of salt

dash of pepper

4 ham slices (I found a thin slice that was 4 slices for one point)

2 eggs (poached if you like, or a bit of pam and left sunny side up)

1/8 of a cup of shredded parm cheese

2 piece of diet bread (I also had one that was 1 point per slice)


1) Toast your bread

2) In a small pan, warm up your spinach with a bit of olive oil. (turn off when just tender)season with a little salt and pepper.

3) in another pan, warm up your ham slices. When done, put out and put to the side.

4) In the same pan as the ham squirt a bit of Pam spray and break two eggs ( this is how I make sunny side up. I put a small pan lid on top and let it steam itself until the top of the egg is covered and white, I also like mine a bit runny)

5) Now lets put this baby together.

Ham slices
Egg on top and
Sprinkle with a little parm cheese.

I served these with a little fruit salad. It made a very filling meal. It was also very pretty.

I made these for the weekend, and I just made them today, before I posted this, yummy..


I wanted to finish this post with a little note. I was asked where I come up with my recipes. I think a recipe is something that you create, you take what you have and make something. I consider them all to be originals in out of my thoughts. I just like sharing them with you. I can't say that I  own the copyright to all you can do with a zucchini, or a I am inspired  by other recipes that I look at and even try, I will even tell you if I have seen a recipe like it. I just don't want to step on anyones toes.. so these recipes I post.. take them and make them yours, change the flavors.. write me back tell me how wonderful you made them.. Share with me as I share with you..


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