Almond Encrusted Salmon Salad wwpp=6

Now that is just plain beautiful...and it tasted pretty good too.

Today I was trying to keep really close to my WW numbers, cause I kinda strayed into the Easter Basket Candy.. I know you feel me, those snickers and hard boiled eggs were calling me. I actually did the numbers for all the types of candy. I hid the one point ones from the kids, for my weak moments and ate their other ones with them. Oh my, I am guessing that candy... chocolate is a trigger for me.

I started out this morning with a baked egg pizza (which I will post when I get a minute) If you have never tried a baked egg, well, let's just say, I made them all weekend for a quick breakfast for the bunch here.

I wanted to post what I had made for lunch. I think sharing leaves ideas for people to take and make their own. I also like to show that you can eat well, and eat what you have and still eat healthy.

I am a salmon lover. When I was at Aldi's I found a package of 6 salmon fillets (portioned and put in individual pkgs). I calculated the ww points and it can to 3 points per serving. I want to say I think I paid 5 bucks for it. I pull one out in the evening and it is thawed in time to make my lunch, almost as easy as a can of tuna. You could also make this the night before and eat it cold, it still was good.

I also had a can of Blue Diamond Almonds Wasabi and Soy Sauce. Although I am on the WW Plus Diet, I vowed to use what I had on hand, because I am such a Waste Not Freak. I have hung on to these until I could find some use for them. They are 28 nuts for 5 points which equals to 6 nuts for 1 point. For this recipe I used 12 nuts = 2 points.

picture of them

For my salad that I put the Salmon on, I just used a container of Mixed Salad Greens ( I like these because they have all the different kinds of greens and it also looks pretty for a bed for my salmon) I do like to spoil myself sometimes. I am getting so good at the presentation lately, that I am even better than our local restaurants. My family is actually preferring to eat at home.

Almond Encrusted Salmon Salad   wwpp=6  (this recipe is for the one, but easily could be made for a family, just remember servings)


1 salmon fillet (mine were 3pts)

12 of the Blue Diamond Wasabi Almonds (you could use plain almonds if you would like)

1tsp of olive oil

1/2 tsp of lemon pepper (or just lemon) (lemon pepper is what I had on hand)


1) Take the almonds and put in a grinder, processor, or I use my immersion blender cup thingy, just to make the almonds into what degree you would like. I went to bread crumb consistency)

2) Into the almond crumbs, put in the lemon pepper and mix up.

3) Take the salmon fillet and lay on a plate, pour crumbs on one side and press them into it.

4) In a pan heat your olive oil. Then flip the salmon crust side down into the pan.

5) Cook on medium heat. I do not turn my salmon until I see the meat turning white all the way to the middle of the fillet (about 3 minutes or so)

6) Flip carefully and cook another 3 minutes.

7) Prepare you bowl with salad greens and toss with a bit of balsamic vinegar.

8) Put salmon on top.

Then you have a wonderful lunch. I gobbled it all up. I actually beat my little one to it. He wanted PBJ but then he saw the salmon..NO< NO< NO...just joking.. gave him a bite.

I enjoy this one, and will be making this for the entire family. It was filling yet, very light.

I hope you get a minute to give cooking a try.

For now, Have a great day... and I will be back soon. Had some great things I tried out this weekend.


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