Delight Almond Joy and York Peppermint Pattie Coffee Creamer Singles wwpp=1

A giant hit out-the park for these. Wow, if you are a coffee fan, these are just wonderful. If you are like me and could die for a Almond Joy then these are for you too. I found them to be wonderful.

Today I made an iced coffee with these. I really got a treat. I actually made two batches because the kids wanted to try them out. I will definitely be buying these again. I can just imagine what else I can make with them.

For the Iced Coffee:

2 heaping tsp of instant coffee

1 cup of skim milk

6 ice cubes (I used 10 because I like mine slushy..)

2 of the creamers

1 tsp of splenda (you could use sugar, I am doing ww and I wanted to watch my points)


Put all this in a blender and blend until the ice is smooth.

Pour ...

And enjoy.

This was so good.

It came to (the creamers were 1pt a piece), a 4 point iced coffee. It was so good that I made both flavors today..I had helping drinking them. I am actually looking forward to tomorrow for another one, if I have one more, I probably won't sleep.

Well I wanted to post this quickly so I could share.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful Easter Holiday. Happy Passover to my Jewish friends and for all the ones who don't celebrate, then have a wonderful weekend.

I will see what I can make over the weekend..

So for now, keep getting out there, be creative, bring the love home, enjoy cooking with your family.

Love is forever....


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