Tacos with Corn Tortilla Shells wwpp=2pt per taco

Doing the Weight Watchers diet has left me always searching on how I can take what I have at home and make it not only for me, but so that my husband and children will eat it too.

Everyone knows that ground turkey ( I buy the 99% fat free) is now the better of the ground meat and I don't know about you, but my family sometimes really misses the beef flavor of ground meat. Usually in taco's, because it is one of the favorites.

Also doing ww I have been turned on to corn tortillas.  I really couldn't tell you why I waited so long. The taste alone of them is really a big difference from the already cooked and molded taco shells. I also prefer them cut and baked and seasoned the way I like, sometimes, salt, and sometimes with salt and lime. The bag stuff just doesn't cut it.

This recipe is on the big side, because I used half the batch for one dinner and then I pre-pkg the rest in 3 oz baggies and then into a freezer bag for quick use.

First let's start with the taco meat. I think my meat tastes aload more flavorful than I used to make because I now do it in my crock pot.

Well let me get started.

Tacos with Corn Tortilla Shells   wwpp=2 pts
(this made enough for 27 single taco servings)

(for dinner I used half and it made 3 each for 5 people)

(for single servings- I portioned it into 3 oz per baggie, which gave me 4 baggies to put up)

Taco Meat


2 lbs of ground turkey 99% fat free

1 small diced onion

1/3 of a cup of taco seasoning ( you can lessen this if you like, mine like it that way, and when they heat it up from the freezer it seems to keep that taco seasoning taste)(I am on the look out for a salt free one, so if anyone finds a salt free taco seasoning..just holler)

1/2 cup of water


Take your ground up turkey and put it into your crockpot.

Add into it the cut up onion.

I cook it with the onions until the meat is all cooked and crumbled up. This is on high and usually I have to check on it, every hour. If it is not frozen it took me an hour to get it cooked to the way I like it, and the onions were tender.

Then I add the seasoning and water and leave for another few hours..stirring every while.

When it is done, it is really flavorful. Now at this point portion it out. I could eat it with a spoon if I didn't step in to section it out.



Stack of corn tortillas (3 a piece)

Can of non-stick spray.


Now I know I made this for 5 which was 3 tortillas per person and I could have done them all kinds of weird ways to make a taco in the oven, but I was more impressed with the flavor I got just doing them in a hot pan. I did not cook them until crisp, but just kinda in between.

1) I sprayed my pan and put in one corn tortilla at a time.

Isn't that pretty!
Now we can create a nice taco.

For these in the picture I only put cheese on them. That was just enough for us. You could put lettuce, tomatoe, onion or salsa.. if you use sourcream you need to adjust points.

I also for my ww buddies want to show you what these look like
3oz of taco meat

1/4 cup of fat free cheddar shredded cheese

now lets get to it.
Just a little cheese (I took my portion of cheese and split into 3)
A little meat ( I took my portion of meat and split into 3)
I put these in a row on my cutting board and served them like that. My bunch ate them before I could even plate them. The next time I will add a few more extras to them. Or maybe not, they were pretty good just simple.

I can not stress enough, you need to try corn tortillas next time, before you buy the store made shells or the tortilla chips.

Well I gotta get dinner going, I have been at this long enough..

Enjoy your day.


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