Eggs In Green Pepper Rings wwpp=4

I was hunting to make a breakfast that was tasty and quick. I found a green pepper in my refrigerator and it was calling out to me.. (you know I hate to waste)

So I thought and thought. This actually is a good idea into another bunch of ideas for recipes. Stuffed green pepper rings...etc..

So here is my twist on peppers and eggs.

Eggs In Green Pepper Rings
wwpp=4 (if you use a fat free cheese you could actually make these for 2 wwpp)
(this made 4 rings and I actually ate 2 and was happy)


1 green pepper ( cut into 4 rings about 1/2 of inch thick)

a little minced onion

a little of the green pepper (I had the bottom and didn't want to waste it)
1/4 cup of egg beaters

1/4 of cheese (I used a Parmesan blend which was 3 points for 1/4) (you could use any cheese fat free would lower your points.)


1) Spray a pan with non-stick, lay in the green pepper rings.

2) Sprinkle in the onion, green pepper, and what ever else you want to add into the rings. (you know real bacon bits has lower numbers and that could be a great add in.)

3) Pour in the egg beaters (don't worry that they kinda bleed out into the pan, just don't touch them, it will be okay.)

4) Sprinkle with cheese.

5) Put a lid on, it will soften the rings, melt the cheese and cook up the eggs. Cook until no longer runny. ( you could also use a real egg - just count the points)

This all probably takes about 10 minutes, I don't like my eggs runny.

My breakfast.. I wanted to make one more shot, so for 2 points, I really enjoyed them. Like I said before this really could lead into some other recipes. I am sure I will share them.

Add some fruit, a yogurt and you are on your way.

With breakfast in my tummy, I am on my way. The sun is taking his time to peak out..

Will post tomorrow on my Spinach Strawberry Salad. I was so good, I was surprised.

Have a wonderful day.


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