Breakfast Pasta wwpp=8pt

Breakfast Pasta

Pasta doesn't have to be just for dinner. I actually can find a great many ways to have it for every meal. With the different variety's you can actually make it as healthy as you want. My family really don't care much for the whole wheat pasta but they will eat the high fiber ones. I think my favorite spaghetti pasta is Smart Taste, it comes in at a 4 points for the ww. Which always saves me a point for something else. Even if you are not doing weight watchers, this dish is still got nice carbs, vitamins and protein. A great way to start the morning. A little more time consuming than just grab and go, so maybe this would be nice for the weekend.

I have a family of 5, including my husband, myself and my 3 children, so I always have a little left over. Actually when I plan to do this I have to make sure I make extra just to make breakfast pasta.

I have been watching my diet, and that includes doing the Weight Watcher Plus Plan, but more important I have been really strict on watching my portions.

Tip: In the beginning of the week, I usually try to make a box of smart taste spaghetti and then portion it into 6 containers (1 cup) and put in the fridge. Helps to make a quick meal and only a portion.

If I was going to make this for the whole family I would probably go ahead and cook a new box of pasta.

Breakfast Pasta     wwpp=8pt


10 cloves of garlic (That is because I just love garlic, you can make this less, but I can guarantee once you start to brown the little slices, you will want more)

1 cup of bite size fresh spinach (at this point you could use any fresh veggie you have screaming to be eaten) (if you use frozen you will have to thaw and squeeze all the water out.)

1 small egg

1 tsp of olive oil

Sea Salt

1 cup of pasta (for the numbers above I used the Smart Taste Spaghetti (it came to 4 points per portion)
(so if you use regular pasta re-work the numbers)

Sprinkle of Parmesan cheese (for the finish)


1) Cut the garlic cloves into slivers and saute in a pan with the olive oil and sea salt. Saute on low and keep stirring, until just brown, then remove from the pan and set aside.

2) In the same pan, throw in the cut up spinach and pasta. Using tongs, just start to get everyone warm. This makes the spinach start to wilt.

3) Push the spaghetti to the sides, creating a hole in the middle. Crack and egg and scramble it with your tongs.(not cook it, just to mix it up)

4) Using your tongs start to incorporate the uncooked eggs into your pasta, and throw back in the saute garlic with it. Getting everyone all mixed together. I just keep using the tongs until the eggs are all cooked.

5) At this point you can remove and plate, sprinkle with fat free Parmesan cheese knew there was an or...leave just for a minute and it will get this little crust on the bottom. That is my favorite part.

This is a real power packed breakfast. It should give me the energy I need to do laundry, kids, bill, etc.....So for me the extra little time it took to make this, will keep me going all morning.

I made this and my 3 year old, stood beside me, threw down his cinnamon raisin toast and ate bite for bite with me. So if I didn't get it all, at least he ate all kinds of good stuff for him. He ate it all. Little pig, and he is now asking for me to make a new batch. My kinda kid.

Well for now, I am off to begin my morning, it is all just waiting for me.. If I come up with something else to share.. I will be back soon..

So get out there enjoy the day.. make it yours...


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