Taco Pizza wwpp= 6pts (per slice makes 4 slices)

Now you can't tell me that baby, isn't just pretty..

I made this from the leftover taco meat that I made the other day. (recipe is on Wed. April 18th).
I was searching in this crazy refrigerator of mine and decided to do something with my leftovers so I made a new meal completely.

I tallied this in the ww recipe maker for it all and it made the total 6 points per slice. Not too bad seeing as it is sooo pretty and I put lots of lettuce on it...

One of the great things about taco's at my house is that they love the sour cream on it. So in this recipe I thinned it down with a bit of water and it made it go farther and with less points. No one seemed to notice.

Taco Pizza   (wwpp=6pt per slice)


1 pizza crust ( I found one at Big Lots that was 3 points for a quarter)

1/2 lb of taco meat

1/4 cup of salsa

1/4 cup of shredded fat free cheddar cheese

4 tbs of fat free sour cream

1 small onion (diced)

1 small tomato ( I actually used my grape tomatoes and diced up a big handful)

2 cups of shredded lettuce


1) Pre-heat the oven to 375. I find an already warm oven makes my pizza do better.

2) Put crust on a pan, and spread on it the taco meat. Evenly all the way to the edge (my kids think that pizza stops where the topping stops...hmmm)

3) Next put salsa on top of that.

4) Put on the cheese.

5) Pop in oven until cheese is melted and the crust is brown.

6) On the hot pizza, lets put some toppings. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions. (if you like spicy, some jalapenos..and more salsa if you like)

7) Then lastly, I took my 4 tbs of fat free sour cream and put a little water in it (made it pourable) Pour this all over the top.

another shot

Then get ready for a feast.. It was really good. the hotness of the pizza and then the coolness of the toppings made this a nice contrast. Kinda addictive. I am now already planning for the next post of taco meat...
Taco Pie
Taco Pizza
Taco Soup
Taco Burritos..
Seems like this list could be endless.

I hope that you are enjoying my posts and find some use from them. I enjoy sharing and letting people into my world. If you ever have a question, please just leave a comment..

If you have something and you are wondering what to make, leave me a comment and I will get back with you.

So for now...have a wonderful day.
Get out there and make it yours.


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