Baked Potato Veggie Hash with Eggs on a Corn Tortillas wwpp=8 for the serving

Baked Potato Veggie Hash with Eggs on a Corn Tortilla    wwpp=8 for the entire serving. (You could split this and only eat 1/2 serving. I chose the whole thing, I had a long morning ahead)

The Hash part of this recipe serves 3 people very generously.


For the Hash:
 2 small leftover baked potatoes (I always make extra when I cook during the week)

1 small onion

1 small zucchini

1 small yellow squash

2 tbs of ketchup

For the corn tortillas:

2 corn tortillas per person

1 tsp of olive oil

For the eggs :

2 eggs per person.. ( at this point you could just have one and the wwpp would be 5 ) (but again we were having a long working morning.



1) Dice up your zucchini, yellow squash and onion (all the same size) spray pan with Pam and saute until slightly tender.

 2) Dice up your potatoes and thrown in the mix to warm up.

3) Add 2 tbs of ketchup.

4) I moved them around until I got a nice crust under the bottom.

5) When ready move to the side.

Corn Tortillas

6) In another pan, I took olive oil and put in the corn tortillas, ( I used a small pan, that only fit one, so be sure to split your oil, because the first will soak it all up and then the other tortilla won't get any) not cooking them until crisp, but just to brown them a bit. Put two on each plate.


7) Now for the eggs. I like them runny so I sprayed the pan with Pam, cracked two eggs and put a lid )on top. Took off just as the whole egg top of white. Yummy and runny.

Now to plate:

The two corn tortillas on the bottom,

The Veggie hash on top,

The eggs on top of that.

A little shake of reduced fat cheddar cheese (which I added a point) you could skip this and add salsa.

another sweet shot.. look at that egg running...yummy

This breakfast was really killer.

I had never had the corn tortilla, and what a different taste. Especially when you had the runny egg.

 I can't begin to tell you, but this was a very hardy breakfast. I will definitely be making this again for a weekend breakfast.

So my friends you should really try the idea with the corn tortilla, it brought around a whole new taste. Salsa would have kicked it up alot too.

Gotta Go now.. and seize the day....


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