Normandy Blend Veggies (ww friendly idea)

I found another nice food to add to our families pantry. It is a really great blend of frozen veggies. Even if you are not dieting, or doing Weight Watcher's these are a nice way to get your dose of vegetables into your day. I even posted an easy way to get them done for a side with your meal..

Normandy Blend Frozen Vegetables

I found these at Sam's Club. I was actually looking for the large bag of string green beans and the brocolli. I came across these and seeing as they are really weight watcher friendly. It has brocolli, cauliflower, carrots, and yellow squash and that makes for a tasty combination.

We always used to make frozen veggies and load up on the butter. I have since found, if you need the butter taste, that Molly McButter does a great job. I am actually a lemon girl. I find that a little lemon just really makes the veggies pop.

For a real quick, less mess way to make them. My kids really enjoyed them this way.

Pour them into a lasagna pan, we have to make a bunch, but don't worry I have a tip for any leftovers.

In a 2 cup measuring cup put oh, about 1 and 3/4 cup of water. Put in a few boulioin cubes ( I used powdered, because it is quick and I am always in a hurry) next a bit of lemon juice and a few dashes of lemon pepper seasoning. Pour over the top and mix it in.

Pop it in a 400 degree oven for about 40-45 minutes, stir it a few times, until they are all tender.

Here's a picture of how tender and good they were.

I actually saved the broth and used it as a base in the soup I made that week.
I also took the leftovers and pureed them down and used them in my porcupine meatballs. So see there is nothing that goes to waste.

I love sharing what I find, so it might make your life style of eating a bit easier. These vegetables are a staple now in my freezer. If you ever find something to make this easier or tastier, feel free to comment. I am also open to any critisms, I am new at this and I just want it to be nice.

So get out there, enjoy the day.. make it yours..


Great way to get veggies on the table. I will be trying this. For sure.
Anonymous said…
Gonna try this tonight, but think I will sprinkle with a little parmesan as well..thanks
Anonymous said…
I luv these veggies! Thank you for the prep ideas. Sounds yummy.
Michelle said…
Sounds delicious! Maybe even my anti-vegetable hubby and son will try it.

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