Baked Sweet Potatoes Fanned Cut wwpp=4 pt (medium)

I have been wanting to try to do the fanned cut potatoes, but of course when I actually wanted it, the only potato I had was a sweet potato. Actually this turned out so much better than I thought.

For the medium size sweet potato it is 3 points to begin with, 4 for the large one. I absolutely adore sweet potatoes the kids not so much.

Baked Sweet Potatoes Fanned Cut   (wwpp=4pt)


As many Potatoes as you like, I usually make one per person and then two extras for leftovers. ( when you have leftovers you can scoop them and mash and fill a won ton wrapper for a sweet potato won ton..I know another post in the making.)

3 tbs of olive oil

2 tbs of splenda

2 tsp of cinnamon

sea salt


1) Let's cut that potato. Make slits all the way down the potato, without cutting all the way through.

2) Now lets put the oil, sea salt, splenda (you could use sugar, it doesn't take much) (splenda also makes a brown sugar blend..sigh I didn't have any on hand.. next time) and cinnamon.

Tip: I put all my potato in a bag and then pour in the above and shake until all coated.

put in bag with stuff to coat with

shake up to coat

all shook up

3) Lay on a foil lined cookie sheet (less mess)

4) Cook at 400 for medium..hmmm 45-60 minutes...large...60 minutes. Poke them to see if they are tender.


I found these to be a great side for any meal. They could just be good just by themselves.


I have been doing ww for about 15 weeks now and I have lost a grand 30lbs. I have just really been motivated to get this weight off.

As I experiment with the ordinary stuff I have around the kitchen. I believe this has to be a life change and I want it to come very easy for me to make the right choices. I, in turn, teaching my children to make the right choices to nourish their bodies.

Having to be aware of what foods make me function better. I find that if I stay clear of, or maybe just a little of the white carbs I seem to even think better. If I am going to have rice or mashed potatoes, I may make a nice big side of veggies. Kinda balances out, how those carbs are broken down. I just don't feel like taking a nap, every time I eat. You know that feeling.

I am although having problems, giving up the soda. I think I drink it when I am stressed. I have been enjoying that stuff...Mio, you squeeze it into your water. Not sure if that is any better than soda.

All I can really share with you on this diet stuff, if...shoot thank goodness, every day is a new day.. because I really have to continue to figure this out.

As I find new stuff, or inspired ideas, I promise to come here and share.

So get out there enjoy your day.. make it yours..


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