Hot and Sour Soup - Revisited- WW style - 1 point

Hot and Sour Soup - Revisited- WW style- 1 point

1 can of mushrooms

1/3 cup of bamboo shoots

2 green onions diced

6 cloves of garlic ( I sliced these thin so you could get a good bite of them)

1 cup of carrots ( sliced then on a slant, thin to give the soup texture)

1 can of water chestnuts (diced)

½ cup of baby corn (in the can, diced up)

1 tbls of black pepper

Firm tofu ( I used 8 oz, and cut in slim (noodle) slices)

4 cups of fat free chicken broth ( I usually make my own and skim all the fat out) you could use vegetable stock too. ( I keep extra in my freezer)

2 cups of water

6 boulion cubes (or how chicken you like)( after 6 you need to check the points)

Soy (to your liking) (I use the low sodium)

Apple cider vinegar ( you have to put in how you like it)

Chili hot sauce ( a few squirts, again by taste)

* I also have been known to put bean sprouts in it too. (just didn't have any today)


Put all ingredients in a soup pot and start to simmer.

*I usually throw all this in to my crock pot and let it warm all day.

 I think it is very good.

I used the recipe maker on the Weight Watcher site and it ended up making 12 servings for us. If you get more than 5 servings you are still safe on the one point.

I really am enjoying this WW recipe maker, since I love to cook. I like that I can take the stuff from the refrigerator and cabinets.. Kinda work with what I have.

If you try this, let me know...the vinegar, and the hot sauce is by taste.. I used a squirt of sirachi hot sauce.


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