Small Cabbage Pies


Happy New Years!

I know I am a bit late, but like all good things they take time.  I actually had a wonderful dinner for New Years. I made a pork roast, on my rotisserie. It was just heavenly. I made black eyed peas, and cabbage. The recipe today, is another one of my Mother's that she passed my way. When she didn't get around to making them, my sister, Alice would make them and send them over to her. She always told me how great and tasty Alice made them. So from one Watson to another, I want to share it with you my friends.

With the cabbage this year, I tried to look at it and figure out the best way I could use it and make different things and save money. Usually I just cut it up and everyone eats it, and never touches the leftovers. Funny how this recession thing leaves you looking at things differently.. even cabbage.

I took my cabbage and gently took off the top 8 leaves (put them in a baggie for another day) With these I made cabbage rolls (will post picture and recipe in the future)

Next I cut the cabbage in fours.
The first fourth, I cut it in big pieces for dinner that night. Sauteed it with butter and lemon.

The second fourth, I cut in much smaller pieces and sauteed it with lemon juice, olive oil and salt and pepper. (put that up to make these cabbage pies)

The next fourth, I cut into shreds and put  in a baggie (a few days from then I would make a coleslaw).

The last fourth, I also cut into shreds and then smaller pieces, into a baggie ( I will take these in a few days and mix with shredded chicken, or ground turkey and make egg rolls or won tons)

For the first recipe, 

Small Cabbage Pies


2 of more cans of refrigerator biscuits (see I told you they were handy to have around)

Sauteed cabbage in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt and pepper. (I already had mine ready so I just pulled out of the refrigerator and went with it.)


There are two ways of making the dough.

I actually hand shape and pull into a round circle, fill with filling and seal the edges.

My sister, puts down a bit of flour and rolls them out flat and then fills. Her was is actually the neatest and quickest.

Fill with filling (not too much, so you can seal the pocket) now you have half moon pies.

Place on Pam sprayed cookie sheet, or parchment paper.

Bake at 350 till brown.

These are really good warm. I actually like them from the fridge, cold. I can really taste the lemon.
I also have reheated them and made them more crunchier. I guess it will depend on how you like them.

I served these one day with sausage links, the next day cold and then the what was left I reheated and we finished them off.

So gosh, just from this one post I have about 4 more recipes to share with you, on cabbage alone.

I might also need to tell you that from the pork roast, I saved a few thick slices and chunked up. I eventually diced that small, sauteed until brown and make a pork fried rice.

Lesson to learn from me today...Waste not .. Want not..


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