The Mini- Donut Maker

This morning I wanted to mix it up for breakfast, and I remembered I had this little gadget hiding in my cabinets. I pulled it out and put it to use.

I used one of those muffin mixes. Actually someone gave me one of the muffin mixes you add water and shake. They were pretty good.

I made sure to spray the top and the bottom with Pam spray and then poured in bottom, just a little before the rim and closed it right up.

The little muffin mix, would have made 6 regular muffins, but with this I got 26 little doughnuts.

I also saw in the store that they have a squeeze muffin glaze, you could get that if you wanted them a little sweeter. We prefer them plain or with a bit of powdered sugar.

I have also made them with cake mix, and they were good also, just don't remember the count on them.

This has potential for my Weight Watchers I am following. For me, I see before I eat and to me the 4 little doughnuts I get compared to one small muffin..Well you get the idea.

I hope all is well with everyone and you are enjoying my posts.


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