Shredded Chicken Taco - ww 7 points

Okay another winner. If you have never made your own taco shells, they were way off the charts compared to any in a box. Next time you are at the store pic up a bag of the corn tortillas. You can make all kinds of stuff with them. Tacos, taco salad bowls, tortilla chips, it is up to your imagination.

Today I made a shredded chicken taco. The shredded chicken came from the breasts that I boiled last week for the chicken stock I made to use in my soups (like way cheaper). I actually got out my scale and measured out 3 oz. Just to see what it would look like.

So let me get to sharing this easy recipe.

Shredded Chicken Tacos  

(for those who ww - 7pts was my total- you could shave off a point if you didn't use the sour cream, but you know that is what makes it)


2 corn tortillas

3 oz of shredded chicken ( you know if you were in a hurry they make an already cooked chunky chicken in a bag, I always try to keep my ingredients on hand and pre-make to save a few dollars)

3 tbsp of Taco Seasoning (to your liking)

1/4 cup of water

1/4 cup of a fat free shredded cheddar

1 tbsp of sour cream (which if I had the fat reduced one, I would have gotten

Lettuce (shredded)

Onion ( diced, actually this time I kinda juliened it)

Tomatoes (diced)



First lets do the corn tortillas. I made foil balls and drapped them over and sprayed with pam spray.
Let them cook until hard and a little brown.

here they are on the foil
they aren't real pretty, but actually they held on the good stuff pretty well

I know they really are kinda ugly, but they were good, trust me..

Next while the tortillas are cooking (between 5-10 min at 400)

Take the shredded chicken, the water and seasoning and put in a pan and start to heat up. I cooked mine until the water was way reduced.

Now lets make these babies.

Take your taco, I took my little bit of sour cream and smeared in the side of the two shells, guaranteeing me the taste on them both. I also did not have shredded cheese today, so I used one slice of fat free cheese. Cut that in half and put to the side also. I figured it would all melt together..yum..

Layer in the chicken, saving an even portion for the other one. I did both at the same time.

Then salsa on top, onion, lettuce tomatoes..Remember to layer how you like it.

And you got it...yummmy

 I hope you get to atleast give it a shot. It was very filling and delicious.

ww break down
1 point for each tortilla  =2
1 point cheese                =1
1 point for sour cream    =1
3 point for chicken         =3

Some quick tips:

I prep ahead all the time. At the beginning of the week, I will actually boil a few chicken breasts. I boiled about 6 last week, so that I could do the chicken stock and freeze it for the base in soups. I also shredded half of the breast to use in enchiladas, and tacos. I am actually putting 3 oz portions in snack baggies and then in a quart freezer bag. When the mood hits, I pop one out in a pan, season and use on a taco. It is also great to make a bq sandwich with.


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