PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Okay I know a crazy idea. I love my peanut butter, so when I saw this come out, I was so interested in trying it. They make this one and a chocolate - peanut one.

The nutritional thingy on the back says,:

serving size: 2tbsp
servings :15
Calories: 45
total fat: 1.5
sodium: 94
Total carb : 5
Fiber : 2
sugars: 1
Proteins : 5

weight watcher point : 1

so just for comparision

Regular Kroger Creamy

serving size: 2 tbsp
serving : 57 ( I bought the gi-normous jar)
calories: 190
total fat:16
Total carb 7
fiber: 2
sugars 3

Weight Watcher Points : 5

As for taste. Of course it wasn't all smoothy like, but it was really quite good, peanuty and creamy to a point. Had the same sweet peanuty taste.

This leaves also alot of room of what you could mix it with. Cake mixes, pasta, and any recipe calling for peanut butter.. Not sure how it would work, you would have to reconstitute it if it was included in a recipe. I guess if you were just adding a peanut butter taste, you would just add it...

I wanted to share my new find with you.. If you want to find it. I bought it on Amazon.com.
Let me know what you think?


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