Shrimp / Spicy Sausage and Grits

Shrimp / Spicy Sausage and Grits

Before you scream and say, yuck. I really didn't think it would not work. I actually liked mine more saucier, there is just something about the pool of flavors waiting to mix with those cheesy grits. This meal is a real comfort kinda food.

I found that when I made this that it was very easy and you could change up all of it. I used already cooked shrimp (so therefore, I only threw them in at the end, just to warm them. too long and they become chewy.)

Shrimp / Spicy Sausage and Grits


Shrimp (any way you like, if they are fresh then you need to adjust the time to get them just tender)
I am not sure how many, but I used about 10 (31 to 40 count) per person

Sausage (chunky)(again the choice is yours, I like a good spicy one, because it goes with the grits, hot and then the grits cool it down a bit, yummy)

Onion (diced)
Garlic (diced) you use how much you like
Olive Oil
Lemon Juice ( to flavor)
Green Onions (diced)

*optional I added a cup of chicken broth in the beginning to make my shrimp and sausage a little more saucier.

1/2 cup of shredded cheese
1/4 butter


For the Shrimp / Spicy Sausage part:

Saute the sausage in the olive oil a bit and when it starts to get to the point of a bitty brown, I then throw in the onions, garlic and let it brown up a bit, then I add the chicken broth.
When just boiling I add in the shrimp. (if it is already cooked then just to warm it).

Adding Lemon Juice and the green onions last.

For the grits:

I just followed instructions on container and at end added the cheese and butter.

When plating this put in the grits and then ladle the mixture on top.

It was really so yummy. Left me really happy. It also left me thinking about other stuff to put on top of grits.

*same ingredients minus the shrimp and a bit of tomato sauce. Like a jambalaya on top.

I just wanted to hurry and post this one..

I am actually trying to get back to feeling good.

This is my second half of my life and I want to be there all the way.

I have just created a group on facebook. (On a Journey...join me..) come join me... join me just to see me sweat, laugh at me when I am silly. Or challenge me, I will challenge you. Not sure how this will work out. But I figure nothing ventured nothing gained. So i am going for it.
So find me...join me...


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