Roasted Garlic Spinach Quesadilla

 My first reader, was my sister, Harriet, when I started this BLOG.  She has always supported everything I have been doing. In encouraging me to do the BLOG, she gave me strength and courage and a shove to be brave about getting my hips joints replaced.

When I joined Facebook, Pinterest, Myspace, and now Weight Watchers, she always included me into her friends list. She seems to always be right there, pushing me forward. " Be strong, be an athlete like you are, you can do this..." Her belief in me is such a great thing.

I guess I just wanted to say, "Thanks, Harriet, you are such a wonderful sister and friend. I can only hope that I can be there for you when you need me!"

Recently I joined the Weight Watchers site. My sister has been a member for awhile. The minute she found out, she called me, and told me how wonderful it would be for me. For me being a foodie and loving to cook, that I would really have a great time with it. She is right. There is a recipe maker tool on the site. I am really starting to create things I like, and from things that I have all in my kitchen.

So Harriet, "I love you and I thank you always for being my sister, my friend!

I created this today.. (out of hunger..naw.. just joking .. I really am not hungry)

Roasted Garlic Spinach Quesadilla

(I will list the ingredients and then I took some pics so you can see what actually they are)

>High Fiber (12g) tortilla (2)

>1 cup of fresh spinach (diced it up, raw)

>onion (just a bit - minced)

>1/2 cup of fat free cheese ( I used the weight watchers )

>1/3 of a serving of a block cream cheese ( I will show you a picture on how I measured this, I was also thinking that one of those laughing cow cheeses would have been good too)

>Roasted Garlic (1 head of garlic) ( I pre-roast a few of these ahead of time so I can just grab them)( I will post how to make them soon)
      You can used a little minced garlic if you like, just for quickness..but the roasted makes it better.

> a dash of salt and pepper

Pictures of some of the ingredients:


WW cheese (1/3 cup)

block cream cheese ( I scored it before I took what I needed)

chopped up fresh spinach (make small so it will cook in the quesadilla)
and the roasted garlic (I likey garlic)


Make sure you have a grill pan, or a flat pan with plenty of room to flip, so it gets crust on the bottom and top.

Start with a spray of Pam in the pan.

Take first tortilla and spread with the cream cheese (you can warm it to make it spread) ( you can also leave this out, I was just craving cheese)

Lay tortilla cream cheese side up in pan.

Build from there, Sprinkle in 1/3 of the 1/3 of the cup of cheese (this gives it a little something when it melts to hold together when you flip.)

Put on spinach, onions and the rest of the cheese.

Season with a pinch of salt and black pepper.

Top tortilla (take the roasted garlic and smash in a bowl, makes like a creamy paste.) smear this on top tortilla and put it face downward so that the top tortilla is showing just tortilla..(don't be silly and leave the roasted garlic showing!)

Spray top Lightly with Pam (so when you flip it won't stick)

Brown on both sides..and you have a Quesadilla...

* optional insides - not sure about ww points but check out the turkey pepperoni (give it a kick) shredded chicken. Actually I was contemplating a few jalapeno slices on mine.

this came to  6 weight watcher points...

l also had 2 tablespoons of sour cream (low fat) which I only used 1 tbs, I kinda kept it to the side and used it sparingly. I also used salsa, it is 0 points. The salsa was great with it.

I hope you enjoyed looking over my blog...

Thanks to all those who read it.


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