Tortilla Wheels wwpp = ? depends on what you put in them

Lunch was coming and I was hungry. So I looked in my bread drawer and there were my Ole Extreme High Fiber Tortilla looking right at me. At this stage in my diet, at the moment high fiber did not trip my trigger, but I thought.. hmmmm.. lets see and if worse comes to worst I can give it to the dogs.

So to begin with the extreme tortillas (high fiber); the three that I have regular, spinach and the tomatoe all clocked in at 2 points a piece on the weight watcher points plus.. figuring oh what 70 calories a piece. They have 12 grams of fiber though, so that is a good thing.
The one in the picture is made with what I have at home. So it came out just a little higher.

Salami Wheel   wwpp = 6


1 spinach tortilla (or what you like)

1 laughing cow cheese ( I had the garlic herb on hand)

5 leaves of spinach

3 pieces of salami (thin)


Spread the tortilla with the laughing cow cheese.

Lay down the spinach leaves

Lay down the salami ( I had this on hand and it did make a nice little contrast against the spinach and the cheese)

Then roll up and cut into little rounds. I got about 8 bites.

When I sat down to eat these, I dipped them into yellow mustard.
They were believe me, very good. I was surprised because I just wasn't into the dieting today..
Funny how things worked out. The other funny thing is my littlest son, came over and ate half of it. He was loving it.

** my note on these, I checked the points for thin sliced turkey from the deli and I could have gotten 2 slices for 1 point. So next time I visit the store I will check it out.

So I decided not to stop there, well he ate half of my points anyway. So now I am thinking something a little sweeter, keeping with my points.

So along came this one.. This one was even better in the point department.

Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Wheel    wwpp= 4


2 tbs of PB2 (this is a dried peanut butter, you can get it on It is like only one point per serving. Which is 2 tbs and is 85% less fat than regular peanut butter. Just add water.)

1/2 of medium banana

1/2 of mini chocolate chips. (for those who are wondering that is 65)

1 xtreme high fiber tortilla (I used plain, but I don't think it had much of a different taste as to the spinach one.)


In a small bowl cream the banana with the PB2.

Spread onto tortilla

Sprinkle with the mini chocolate chips

Roll up and Cut into bite sizes.

They were really good, and oozy from the banana when you cut them. The littlest also ate half.

So really my total for lunch today was 5 ( the combination of two halves) and I am very satisfied.

I had a wonderful lunch with my wonderful, little son. He seemed very happy too. We also shared a drink. I thought these turned out really tasty and would be a simple thing to make quick or make for lunch..

Could be that things taste better when shared. So get out there and make something, share it and have a wonderful time.


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