Chicken Broth with Wonton Strips wwpp=2

Everybody does it, we all start craving stuff when we are not really hungry. Any broth based soup usually can fill that need.

Today is my birthday, and I decided that I wanted to stay true and on my path. I decided that instead of a cake today, that I would pick something I have been wanting. A DQ blizzard or the new turtle milkshake at Steak and Shake. These will have to wait until Saturday, but that is okay.

For the meal tonight, another favorite of mine is Chinese. I am making Chicken and Brocolli, Wonton or Egg Drop Soup and Baked EggRolls (veggie).

To start this meal I put in two chicken breasts into my crockpot this morning. I also put in whole, carrotts, celery and onion that I hold in the fridge. I let this cook in the crockpot full of water, which creates the broth. Strain and you are ready to go.

About an hour ago I was craving something Chinese. I guess the thought was just a brewing..

So I created this recipe quick. I wanted to share it right away so you can see how simple and easy this is.

Chicken Broth with Wonton Strips wwpp=2
***** read before you add wontons


3 cups of chicken broth (skim the fat- I just took 3 cups from my crockpot and used that. I refilled the crockpot because it can cook until tonight)

2 cups of water

4 chicken boulion cubes

1 cup of spinach (cut so you can eat it)( I swear you can't taste it, it is a great source of vitamins, Give It A Try)

10 wontons (I did the ww numbers for the round ones and it said 10 for 4 points- I used these because I had them hanging in my fridge)

*optional addition
roasted garlic (I had roasted about 6 heads the other day)
diced green onions ( I keep a small container already cut up)

(*** tip - if you see where you aren't getting to your onions, peppers, green onions, mushrooms. You can cut them into what sizes you like and put in individual snack baggies and then in a freezer quart. These can be used anyway you like.. Pizzas, soups casseroles...and no waste!)


Put the broth, water and boulion in a pan. Start a rapid boil.

Slice your wonton into thin strips (1/2 inch)

Drop them one by one...keeps them from clumping

Add in spinach.

Boil until tender, takes only about 3-5 minutes.

Serve up and garnish with green onions. A dash of soy is good too.

****I only make this in this size portions, the wontons will swell if they are left in soup. So really this is a one time eat or just portion your wontons and boil just that much and fish out to put in your portion of soup and save the broth for another time.


This was tasty at this time. The pollen is high and makes my throats scratchy so this is what the doctor ordered...


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