Shepards Pie Mini's wwpp = 1pt

I spent some time creating this one. The recipe is just a basic, Shepard's Pie, recipe. This time I made it my own. I made it more healthier, and the other great thing is that I made it with the stuff at home.

Let me start the recipe and then you can judge for yourself. I have already had three and I need to stop so I can write.

Shepard's Pie Mini's       wwpp= 1pt
(made 12 little cups)


8 oz of 93% turkey (that is a 1/2 lb)

1 1/2 cup Idahoan Garlic Roasted and Parmesan Baby Reds (4.1 oz package)

1 cup of fresh spinach (cut up, little iddy biddy pieces)

1 1/2 cups of Normandy Blend Veggies (frozen) It was new to me, It had the low carb veggies in it.
   *  yellow squash

1 zucchini

1/3 cup of a package of brown gravy

1/4 cup of shredded low fat cheddar cheese

Molly McButter
Garlic Powder

12 cup cake cups

I'm missing the cheese (oops)

1) In a pan start to browning the turkey in a pan, break it up into small crumbles.

2) Add in garlic powder, spinach and gravy and stir until mixed and spinach is softened. Set aside.

3) Take the veggies (if you are using frozen, I zapped them in micro for about 4 minutes to soften and thaw. If you are using fresh then right into another small pan.) Cut them up into small bites also. I just used a metal turner and broke them down. Season with Molly McButter and pepper. Set aside.

4) Prepare the Package of potatoes. At this point I am guessing if you had any leftover potatoes you could use them. Or boil a few potatoes and cream them. Do what ever you like to do. I just had these in the cabinet. Set aside.

5) Prepare the zucchini, cut into thin slices, you will only need 12.

6) Let's put this baby together..well little babies..

7) get a cupcake pan and put in 12 paper cups ( I used paper, so that they can just be put into the microwave to warm up and didn't want the foil ones to cause a

8) In the cups:
          Lay in one slice of zucchini
          Scoop of turkey mixture (it was about a tablespoon)
          Press Down.
          Scoop  of veggie mixture (it also was about a tablespoon)
          Press Down again.
          Scoop of mashed potatoes (kinda made sure it covered the whole thing. It also was about 1tbs)
          A tiny sprinkle of cheese

9) Pop in a 375 oven for about 20-25 minutes until the cheese melts and the potato is a little browning.

I did the numbers with the weight watcher recipe maker. Sometimes, I feel that if I listed them separately you might get less numbers. But that's okay.

For one = 1pt
For two - three = 3pt (that satisfied me)
For 4 = 5 points

This and a salad would be a great meal.


I have put the rest in the fridge, when the kids come home they will be gone. I have also froze one to see how it works, I will update this post tomorrow with the results. If this works then that is a great make-a-head meal and quick.

If anyone gives it a try. Remember what I say, take the recipe, make it yours...add different spices.. imagine the flavors.  Maybe a taco one, with cornbread on top instead of potatoes...(ooops, new recipe to create)


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