Faux Fried Pickles wwpp=2

I find it a fun challenge to take something we just love and re-invent it into a healthier version. Now don't get me wrong, there is no greasy, crunchy taste to these. The is however the taste of the fried pickle, and it is crunchy. I also made a ranch dressing to dip in.

Faux Fried Pickles   wwpp=2 (this made a tray of 14-16 pickles)


1 medium jar of dill pickles ( I chose the sliced ones for sandwiches, I was not in the mood to dip the chips, but that would be fine too)

1/2 cup of fiber one cereal (processed down into floury kinda,) ( you know you could probably use any kind of cereal just take into account if you are doing ww, the points.. all my points came from the cereal)


1) Process down the fiber one cereal and then season it. I used garlic powder, seasoning salt, and pepper. Be sure to taste it, cause sometimes I feel that the cereal is a little on the sweet taste.

2) Lay the pickles on a paper towel and slightly dry them, I left just enough so it would pick you the coating.

3) Spray a cookie sheet with non- stick spray and lay them on it.

4) Put in 400 oven and bake until crispy, took anywhere between 15-20 minutes.

Serve them with a little Ranch dressing and they were pretty good..

For the dipping sauce, I took fat free sour cream. Which in ww talk is 1 point for 2 tbs. So I took 8 tablespoons and that was 4 points, then I added Hidden Valley Ranch Dip Mix.. (which for up to 8 teaspoons is nothing) I used only 4 tsp...

I personally measure out two tbs of the dip and it was plenty ( I had 5 slices of pickles )

So my total ww point consumption was 3 points.

This recipe excites me, because now I starting to accumulate a collection of quick bar foods (snacklets that the family loves.)

* on a low calorie note.. this should also be a low one. A pickle is what 10 and the fiber one is like 100 and you don't even use it all.

I wanted to get this one done and out there, since St Paddy's Day is coming....


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