Pasta with Motzarella - Garlic Chicken Sausage wwpp=9

I am finding out more and more, how to take something small and let it lend a large flavor balance to what I am cooking. I also am learning to add in vegetables that make the serving of pasta more filling.
This week I found these at the Sam's Club, and I am now seeing them pop up in the Walmart.

Gourmet Mozzarella and Roasted Garlic Chicken Sausage. These are really very good. They do cost a little more. Before I started the journey of getting healthy and fit, I would normally serve up all these and everyone would gobble them down, three at a time. Not any more.

This recipe I made today, I made in a one serving size. I am sure that you could adapt it to a whole family meal. I have gotten in the habit of cooking up my pasta (spaghetti, this week) and portioning it into one cup servings. Which I know right off I am starting with 5 points on WW. This time, the pasta dish was actually big enough to share. That would have split the number of points I consumed, but I was alone today, and it was one of those chilly days and I felt the need to eat it all.

I know, you say, oh I could just buy a freezer meal and be done with it. I like knowing just what I am eating. I start with a warm pan and a bit of water. I have also gotten in the habit of saute in water or a little chicken broth.

Pasta with Mozzarella- Garlic Chicken Sausage   wwpp=9


1 chicken sausage (if you are making more than one portion then one per person)

1 cup of pre-cooked pasta (any kind you like, I am using spaghetti, because I told myself I would try the ww but I had to use what I had at home. So there you have it)

1 or 2 cloves of garlic (I again, roast 5 or so head of garlic in the beginning of the week and can just pull it out and plop it in)

1/2 of a small onion (This particular time, I had a little more, but I adore sauteed onions0

1 cup of small cut up spinach (This gives me more bang for my buck.. I swear, try it, it picks up the taste of the dish)

 1 serving of fat free Parmesan cheese (you don't need it, I kinda like the look of it, cost me 1 point for beauty)


1) Here is where we start. Put your sausage in a pan (medium to small pan) Cook on Medium.

2) When it starts to brown. Pour in 1/4 cup of water and on the other side put in your onions, garlic and start to soften. As the sausage continues to cook, I pick it up. Scoot the onions and garlic to where it was, and put the sausage on the other side. I figure you are already calculated all the points of this sausage, so the flavor counts. As the onions and saute get soft, put in the spinach (still on one side) (you might have to add a little more water)

3) Remove the sausage.

4) Add in the spaghetti and stir with the garlic, onion and spinach.

5) Cut up the sausage (Little pieces give you little bites through out) (Big pieces, you get the idea)

6) Put sausage back in and stir around with everything, just for a few minutes. (this is important, because there is little bits of cheese in the sausage and by cutting it, you released a bit and it mixes in with it all)

7) Plate it up and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.


And just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.....

They have other flavors of this sausage and at 3 points per link that is a good bargain. I like the ones with the cheese in them, it really flavored and made the dish enough of creamy.

I hope if you give it a try, leave me a note..

I will continue bringing you what I find on my journey. Planning an outing to the Trader Joe's...I have never been. I will post what I find.

Oh and weigh in today.. I am at .8 of a lb loss this week, but I had a birthday..  for a total of 24.8 in the last 7 weeks


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