Kirby Vaccum - Do I Dare to Dream

Dream Item

I was just sitting here writing on my blog and the phone rang and I was offered to have my rugs cleaned in one room. That was a treat to offer, me a tired mom and who wouldn't want some one to come in and give a good carpet cleaning. I had to decline, because I have no rugs worth cleaning. My carpets are worn slap out, and whatever is left of them, sure couldn't take to kindly to a real good vacumm on it. I can only imagine. However I offer to post on my blog, how you my friends can take advantage of a free rug cleaning.

If I had rugs I would have definately considered it. I would love to have this puppy. I actually know someone who has one. They have had it for over 15 years and it works great. It has gone through all their kids and their animals. It actually made through our flood in Ga a few years back. I wish I was in the will.

I, personally have gone through a few different vacumms, like about 5 to be honest, hoping my husband doesn't read this. They weren't cheap by any means, and I even had a few fixed and they came back, worked for a few days, and then bang, ooops...ate a paper clip, too much animal fuzz. After awhile I quit looking, I bought a shop vac. It was a great thing for cleaning, and even thinned out the toys that were left out. Little cars, and blocks. Again, my R2D2 passed away recently, they can only take sooo much.

I won't fool with you and tell you that a Kirby doesn't cost much, but sometimes it pays to buy quality and from someone who knows their product. If I tallied up all the money I have wasted, probably could have bought a few of them.

There are some great deals going on this the month of March. So give them a call! 
But like people say, "the proof is in the pudding", and you will have to see it for yourself.

So for a demonstration, no pressure look, at this product.

Just give a holler out to Tori at 770-459-3272. She will set you up with a demonstration.

So just passing on the information......


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